Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

     Wash your F.A.R.A.H® Makeup Brushes Effortlessly!


Now That you have a new brush set, let’s help them stay clean! Using clean makeup brushes

on your face helps your skin stay clean and acne-free. Read below to find out how we

clean our brushes.


1. Start off by wetting your makeup brush with some warm water 




 2. In a bowl of water, put a few drops of a gentle liquid soap of your choice


  3. Swirl your makeup brush in the soapy water until all makeup comes off and the brush is clean 



4. Next, put the bristles under some clean water and rinse out the soap while removing any leftover excess makeup (make sure that the water does not go past the top of the ferrule, as it will damage the brush!) 



5. Using a soft towel, gently wipe your brush dry and reshape the bristles



6. To dry, place the brushes facing downwards or at an angle with the handles elevated on a clean towel or surface




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