Red Siren Face Bundle

Red Siren Face Bundle

Red Siren Face Bundle

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Red Siren Face Bundle

$62 Value

This Set includes 3 special products to perfect your face! Perfect your makeup game! 

Easy to use - 100% VEGAN bristles - Brass Ferrule -  Wooden Handles

Brushes in this bundle: 

Large Powder Brush 50F
Perfect for creating an even, matte finish, this Large Powder Brush helps to set makeup quickly without excess powder and without overload. Dip your Powder Brush into powder and tap brush to remove excess. Blend powder by sweeping all over the face.
Stippler Brush 40F
Dip your Stippler Brush in powder or liquid makeup products and apply using a “STIPPLING” motion on the skin for a flawless airbrush finish. It can be used with powders or creams and applied wet or dry.
Large Angled Contour Brush 30F 
Dip your Large Angled Contour Brush in loose or pressed powder. Sculpt and Contour your cheeks. Angled bristles for precise application and sculpting. It can be used with powders or creams and applied wet or dry.
Fan Brush 28F 
 Sweep your Fan Brush in powder Highlight products and apply using a “sweeping” motion 
on the cheek, chin, bridge of the nose, and cupid's bow. Designed with 100% synthetic bristles. 
Glam Sponge 
 Our Makeup Sponges are made from the finest materials to bring you the best product. The result, this sponge delivers!
Dampen sponge first. Soak in water and squeeze to get all excess out. You will see a change in size when it's wet.
Use a tapping or bouncing motion to apply makeup to face.
To Clean: For best results, we recommend cleaning your sponges after every use. Soak the sponge using a mild cleanser and water. Squeeze and gently massage your sponge. Rinse under warm water and squeeze out all water. Let air dry.

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