Press & Set Bundle

Press & Set Bundle

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Press & Set Bundle


Powder Brush - Body Blend Multitasking Sponge 

Large Powder Brush 50F –
For use with Powders all over the face -  Perfect for creating an even, matte finish, this Large Powder Brush helps to set makeup quickly without excess powder and without overload. Dip your Powder Brush into powder and tap brush to remove excess. Blend powder by sweeping all over the face 
 Body Blend Body Sponge
This Body Blend Body Sponge is perfect for small or large uses. For example, you may use this sponge for Body Contouring or Highlighting. Our sponge is perfect to get the job done. This Body Blend Sponge expands to more than double its size when wet. Simply run your Body Blend Body Sponge underwater until it absorbs the water completely and expands to double its size, then squeeze out the excess water. Use this sponge to blend in Body Makeup in those hard to reach places seamlessly, easily, and effortlessly. This Large sized sponge blends foundation and highlight with the least amount of effort and time. This sponge is perfect for Body Contouring because of its size. 

Use a tapping or bouncing motion to apply makeup to face or body. 
For use with concealers, creams and powders, liquid foundations, and Tanning Lotions!  VERY VERSATILE 
To Clean: For best results, we recommend cleaning your sponges after every use. Soak the sponge using a mild cleanser and water. Rinse clean under warm water and squeeze out all water. Let air dry.

100% VEGAN bristles
WARNING:  not intended for use by children.

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