Velvet Microfiber Sponge (Gray)

Velvet Microfiber Sponge (Gray)

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Velvet Microfiber Sponge (Gray)


Velvet Microfiber Sponge - 100% Latex Free - Super Soft - Velvety Finish - Use to apply cream or powder foundations, and blend into a seamless finish - Size changes dramatically when wet

Our Makeup Sponges are made from the finest materials to bring you the best product. The result, this sponge delivers!
Dampen sponge first. Soak in water and squeeze to get all excess out. You will see a change in size when it's wet.
Use a tapping or bouncing motion to apply makeup to the face. This sponge works well dry or wet.
To Clean: For best results, we recommend cleaning your sponges after every use. Soak the sponge in water using a mild cleanser. Squeeze and gently massage your sponge and squeeze out any excess makeup. Rinse under warm water and squeeze out all water. Let air dry. 

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